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Checkpoint Munich

At Checkpoint we provide counselling concerning sexual health and HIV and tests for everyone - regardless of their sexual orientation or gender. We run tests for all common sexually transmitted infections. Our offer is basically anonymous.

Until further notice, you have to call to get an appointment: Tel. 089/54 333-666

If you are not able to keep the appointment, please contact us again so we can pass on the test option. Thank you for understanding.


Address, telephone number, opening hours

Here you can find our contacts. For the time being you have to call first to get an appointment

Health-Check for everybody

People with sex risks and PreP-Users

We provide test offers for people with sex risks and PreP-Users.

Prices and services

How much?

Analyzing your risk situation and counseling are free of charge. The tests are provided for a reasonable price.

Tests, tests, tests

Further test options

Tests are offered at the cultural center Sub, at the Sauna and the Advice center on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) of the city of Munich.

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